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Cruising has become a preferred mode of travel for many of us.  A comfortable floating hotel with fine dining and concierge service takes you to many wonderful places without unpacking.  Our preference is a small luxury ship, but there are many to choose from, including riverboats and expedition sailing vessels.

With land and air travel becoming more complex and crowded each year, cruising can simplify even an elaborate itinerary.  Your ship gives you a "home base" from which to explore exotic places in a relaxed yet efficient pace. 

Cruising is also a good travel value.  You know the inclusive cost of your trip from the initial planning stage.  You won't be hindered or surprised by the currency fluctuations as your trip is guaranteed in US Dollars as soon as you make your initial deposit.

AND THEN THERE IS THE OCEAN...the most obvious attraction of cruising.  As you sail out to sea, the sound of the surf soothes the soul as you glide on to your next destination.  Your personal suite has become your home away from home for the next week, or two, or three...SOMETIMES HOME IS JUST A FEELING...

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